No removals, no spraying, no topping, no large tree work


I have a holistic, tree-friendly approach, gained through decades of hands-on work. Many times, trees know what they are about and how to live their lives. Letting them do it can be a wonderful thing to see. I bring years of tree care and experience to each consultation. Always moving towards the goal of a healthy long lived tree.

Pruning can be many things, from the light touch of showing off the tree’s natural form to regularly pruned trees such as espalier and bonsai. These ancient arts can supply beauty and interest to a garden.

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Services I Perform

Where I work

Calgary has grown into a immense city and it is impossible for me to get to all corners. Now located in west Bowness, I have had to limit the zones I work in. Roughly my northern limit is the ring road east to Beddington Trail, south on Deerfoot to Glenmore Trail and back around into the northwest. This is what I call the Greater Northwest.

For consultations outside the described work area, please contact me!