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Minimum $250 fee for pruning or consultation

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Kevin normally responds the same day.

Where I work

Calgary has grown into a immense city and it is impossible for me to get to all corners. Now located in west Bowness, I have had to limit the zones I work in. Roughly my northern limit is the ring road east to Beddington Trail, south on Deerfoot to Glenmore Trail and back around into the northwest. This is what I call the Greater Northwest.

For consultations outside the described work area, please contact me!

Consultation Pricing

Half day


South Calgary acreages


Large properties and
Northwest-side acreages


East Calgary


South Calgary to 22X


South of 22X


Greater Northwest Calgary


What does a tree whisperer consultation look like?

I have climbed, worked with, and been close to trees my whole life. I remember my first day working as a professional arborist. That day I learned a truth, that I was born to work with trees, and my life’s path unrolled before me. It still feels amazing to be able to help trees and the people who live with them. It’s been over 30 years since that day. I have done a lot of consultations.

I remember a property in Ranchlands a couple years ago, with a number of sickly trees. The owners had received various diagnoses. None of it seemed to fit… I just felt that I needed to dig to look into the soil. It was just a feeling, but I needed to dig. At a foot down, under some new garden soil, the ground was completely soaked. The roots had been sitting in water for some time and the trees were drowning. Turns out a water pipe had broken in the city land above the property. It wasn’t any of the fungus that had been targeted as the problem. It was a lot of water that the new landscaping was hiding.

Many times I have been so happy to watch a person’s face light up when they realize that their tree is going to be just fine if they just change a couple of practices. An in-person consultation at your home is $250 and lasts at least one hour. The price for large properties and acreages is $400 ($500 for South Calgary acreages) and goes a little longer. There is a lot of feedback you can read about my consultations in my Google reviews.

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