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50+ year-old crabapple tree

I have really appreciated not only Kevin’s skill in keeping my beautiful 50+ year old crabapple tree in great shape but also his extensive knowledge and experience he is able to share with me regarding the care of all the trees in my yard. I particularly appreciate where he identifies for me future challenges or hints and tips so that I know I’m taking the best steps possible to keep my trees cared for.

- Liz

Cost efficient, engaging and committed

Kevin works very efficiently. With many years of experience behind him and a commitment to keeping current in the field, he is able to very quickly assess the situation and make recommendations. He works and cleans up quickly and I am always happy with results.

From the first time that Kevin worked on my trees and shrubs, it was clear immediately that he has a passion for what he does and he cares about the health and the natural shape of trees and shrubs in general. In particular, he cared about my trees shrubs and how they enhanced my landscape.

Kevin listens carefully to understand my goals and what I propose for pruning for each tree and shrub. He suggests options to meet my goals and will take the time to explain any recommendation that he makes that differ from my ideas. For example, recently I suggested that a mugho pine be removed as I felt that it was beyond pruning to look good in my garden design. Kevin saw a way to prune it so that it looked great where it was. No removal needed and no gaping hole in my landscape. I suggested that a tree needed even more pruning, but Kevin explained how that would put the tree into shock and suggested that we do this project over a few years. Once he is finished his job, Kevin mentors me in how to maintain the shape and health of the trees and shrubs between visits.

While in my yard, Kevin keeps an eye out for other plant problems and will make recommendations to address them. At his last visit, he noted rose bushes that were iron deficient and educated me on how our soil does not allow for the release of iron. He provided the name of a product that would amend the soil so that iron does become available to the roses and made sure that I knew how to use it.

In summary, Kevin is very cost efficient, engaging and committed to tree and shrub health and to maintaining the esthetics of my landscape. He is indeed, a “tree whisperer.”

- June Johnston

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