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Welcome to a great space, about live, healthy, vigorous trees

Yes, beautiful healthy trees. Follow a few simple practices and the limping along, struggling, not looking too good will be gone, forever

It is a proven fact that any of Calgary's trees that get close to the water THEY want, will thrive and to a greater extent be disease and insect free.

Pruning is not a excuse to make firewood; it is strong, life changing medicine and should be administered very carefully. Mostly trees know what they are about, and know it better than we do. Almost all pruning ideologies are a cultural construct.

Witness the ancient untended natural growth of forests all across this beautiful planet. They seem to do fine, fine that is until some say they have to go. Rather than including them in our thinking.

The whole tree, the natural growing balanced tree. From the far tips of the highest upper shoots, through the twigs, branches, sub trunks, main trunk and the entire vast unseen root system. This is one whole living thing , working well as nature designed it over a immeasurable length of time. Time to get it right.

This whole tree is in balance as is any other living creature's body, there just aren't any extra leaves, or branches. Intelligence is needed to know what to prune, when and where so that the desired cultural effect can be achieved without harm.

From a distance any tree that looks pruned, really it's been over pruned. And they suffer accordingly, witness the struggling poplars of Memorial drive, thinned to the point of weakness.

This is new ground, a new way of conceptualizing your trees, lets be kind, respectful, knowledgeable. That thinking with a chain saw, is not whole. I love trees and have been practicing a holistic approach for decades, its really very simple, put the tree first.

This website is packed with lots of healthy tree info, please enjoy.

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