Spring flowers

A stream

flowing thru the town

and the willows along it

As if nothing had happened

the crow

and the willow

On a withered branch

a crow is perched

this spring evening

Yield to the willow

all the loathing

all the desire of your heart

From the willow tree

on the road over the moor

day begins to darken

It dosnt seem

very anxious to bloom

this plum tree at the gate

Another blossom of the plum

and that amount

more warmth

The two plum trees

I love their blooming

one early, one late

How it smells

the plum tree next door

but I cannot see it

The flowering branch of the plum

gives its scent

to him who broke it off

In the moon light

the white plum tree becomes again

a tree of winter

The plum blossoms having fallen

how loney

the willow tree

In the intervals

of rough wind and rain

the first cherry blossoms

Under the cherry blossoms

none are

utter strangers

The pine tree of Karasaki

more dim and vague

than the cherry blossoms

What a strange thing

to be thus alive

beneath the cherry blossoms

A fallen flower

flew back to its branch !

no it was a butterfly

The cherry blossoms

that pleased me so much

have vanished from the earth

The brushwood

though cut for fuel

is beginning to bud

Gathering all the waters of spring

the swift

Mogami river

Silence in the foothills

broken by the rain

last years pine cones

Silence in the foothills

then the sound of pine cones

raining down

Pine cones raining down

the silence in the foothills

is broken

The sound of heavy rain

pine trees

dropping last years cones

Raining down breaking

the silence in the foothills

last years pine cones.

Most of these are from R H Blyth’s Haiku (4 vols), published by the Hokuseido press.

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