The dogwoods, Cornus sp., are a group of cultivated shrubs grown for their interesting foliage and bark colors. The native red osier dogwood is discussed with the native shrubs.

Related to the native shrub, Cornus serisea, Cornus stolonifera are the cultivars, Kelsey's dwarf, tiny with red bark. Also of interest is the Cornus serisea 'Flaviramea' with its golden bark and white gold, with white on green variegated foliage.

Another species, Cornus alba, has a number of interesting varieties. Cornus alba 'Gouchaultii', the golden variegated dogwood, has yellow and green variegated leaves. Cornus alba 'Aureomarginata' is another green and white variegated leaf, on red stems.

Dogwoods take very well to intensive cyclical pruning, the yearly removal of old stems and the encouragement of new stems. This keeps them looking their best in winter as the younger bark presents the brightest colors.

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