Forest rays

First of all, I must apologize for the complete lack of recent postings. Frequently working to near exhaustion, doing the physical work trees require, has been a little draining on the ole fella. That said, it has been an amazing year so far, and I have so many people to thank.

You know who you are, Tree Lovers - the greatest gift I have been given is to be able to practice my own intuitive, careful tree work, with your trees. So many of you are understanding the connection with trees, and it's wonderful. We do this strictly for the sake of the tree, the whole tree, for its betterment, looking forward to the day when it is a beautiful, strong, living being, a being who adds an amazing huge dose of love back into our world. That's what good tree work is - adding love back into the system.

To everyone who had me do their tree work, to anyone who reviewed me, and to all of you who read a post or a article, thank you so much for that time and interest. Trees are one of the strongest and most immediate ways to connect to the amazing energy/power of nature.

I hope a tree hugged you back today.



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