Braun garden

How to turn on a tree?
I think the tree is always on
but it is not on and engaged with a person until a person
is there to be engaged with it. You need to choose this.

I think that trees are always engaged with the other trees around them
but most of the time we are moving to fast to feel that.

The super power of an ancient grove that you stand still with, speaks of that.
The tree responds to your presence.

This part is difficult to describe.

Simply with the presence of love. it loves you.
By being still near a tree and looking at it closely,
paying your full attention to it, the tree responds to your love with love.

Most of the time for me the looking closely involves a thorough visual inspection
I am looking at all of its bark with its many marks, forms, shapes, the same with
the leaves, branches and trunk,
where the branches grow from on the trunk and where they go.

I touch the tree a lot while looking at it and will usually hug the tree.
It knows that I am there to help and from my deep visual inspection I learn what I can do to help.

Maybe the tree is wilted and dry, needs water, maybe the tree has a disease
that needs to be removed. Perhaps it's getting a little thick and needs some thinning.
Whether or not the tree needs any action on my part the tree's reaction is always the same: love.
This I now see is why working with trees is so rewarding.

I recommend everyone get to know the trees around them and enjoy all the good feeling that comes from them. It's just like sunshine.

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